What life has thrown at me, and how I cope 🙋🏻

So, I want to start by saying that I’m not about to rant about how bad my life has been, because I’m sure we’ve all had it tough… just maybe in different ways! 

But I will tell you about the times where my weight has been affected! Because my MAIN aim is to be here for you guys, and to reassure you that if you’ve gone/ go though anything similar, it’s only human, you’re not alone, and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! ☀️ 

So firstly, my weight has been yo-yoing my WHOLE life. It’s almost like food controls me! It always has and probably always will! But I just LOVE food 😍 

It started when I was around 10. Primary school. It was like a viscous cycle! I wasn’t the prettiest child… let’s say that. So I was bullied quite a bit! I was moved schools 4 times and NOTHING changed. So then in order to try make myself feel better, what did I do? I ate. Everything. My main go to food? BREAD. A WHOLE LOAF. I am indeed an emotional eater. And this is probably where it stemmed from. 

But then what happened? I got bullied for being fat! And ugly! Then I’d go running home straight to the fridge. VICIOUS CYCLE! 

I did this for about 3 years. Then one day my mum said to me. ‘No one can help you, but yourself.’ BOOM 💥 

From that day, I made the decision that I was going to lose this weight. I was going to prove to everyone that I could be beautiful and skinny…..

And that’s exactly what I did. In 6 months, I lost 6 stone. I ate only meat, veg and fruit. That was NOT a good diet and I DO NOT recommend it. Because as soon as you stop that diet, you put it STRAIGHT back on. 

I was 9st 7lb, the smallest I’ve been since being a young child! And that was probably when I was about 7 😂 I felt great! 

Then through my teenage years, I got into a few relationships which affected my weight gain/loss! I think it’s pretty standard to gain a few pounds (maybe stones) in the course of a relationship, but because I’d used that stupid no carbs diet, when I let myself go, I gained quite a lot! And as I’ve already stated, I’m an emotional eater, so when breakups occurred, I ate the whole house!

Then after a month or so of getting over the relationship, I’d hit the same silly diet again. Join the gym. At one point I was mega fit! But eating quite literally zero food. 

I then went a step too far and started taking a foreign substance that was supposed to naturally burn fat and give you ‘energy’, and one night I took one scoop too many, hoping I’d wake up a few pounds lighter. That night, I ended up in A&E because I was spewing my guts up, literally. Please please please, if you EVER think of going to this extreme, DONT! It’s so sooo dangerous. 

Then I took a back seat and gained a couple of pounds, but I wasn’t completely out of control, which was good! 

But then I went to University! Everything was then about impressing people, and I got so paranoid and anxious about the way I looked… I started restricting everything I ate, I started smoking to try stop food cravings (which is fine for others, I don’t judge ofcourse! But that’s not for me) and other substances because I was led to believe it would do great things. It didn’t. 

I then got into a relationship, where he kept hinting that I should probably cut back on what I eat. He was manipulative to say the least. That’s NEVER okay! If anyone ever does this to you, PLEASE don’t stand for it. I got so upset and became depressed. I stopped eating. Which isn’t good either! 

Then I became pregnant 🤰🏻 

Food. Food. Food. Food. Food. That is ALL I EVER thought about. Food on the brain. 😂

I ate so much, everyday! I used the excuse ‘well I’m eating for 2‘ from day 1, even though that’s technically only true in the last trimester. Silly me. So as you may have seen in my first blog, I gained just short of 6 STONE. Oh dear. 

But to be honest, I didn’t care. I brought a beautiful baby boy into the world 🌎 and that changed my view on EVERYTHING. Although a midwife on the after-ward did say to me – ‘it’s obvious that you’re obese’ And that REALLY got to me. That gave me a boost to obviously shift the weight, but now being responsible for a little human, I didn’t want to do it stupidly.

A friend mentioned Slimming Word and I thought, let’s give it a go! The slogan: ‘ Its not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change’ really appealed to me, as that is exactly what I wanted! 💪🏻 

Where am I now? Well, as you will have seen, I’ve lost 3st 10lb with SW, and I’m still going!

 I’ve hit walls, I’ve yoyo’d some weeks, but not half as bad as I have before. I haven’t had to starve myself, I haven’t stopped eating carbs, I haven’t taken stupid substitutes! I’ve had a binge now and then but nowhere near as bad as before! 

I have recently added Calorie Counting into the equation, which I’ll do a separate blog about, but the main point is, I’m back on it! 💪🏻 

So there you go! There’s some of the main issues in my life that have affected my weight. How do you get through it? Experience! Learning from mistakes! 

If I could give some tips to any of you lovelies that may be reading…  you have to do this for YOURSELF. Don’t do it for anyone else, they can f*ck themselves. Impress yourself, do it so that you can look in the mirror and think, ‘Damn, I LOOK GOOD’. You CAN do it! 

And as I said at the beginning, YOU’RE NOT ALONE! remember that, because there will always be someone to talk to, and someone who is feeling exactly the same not too far away! 

I know I probably can’t stop people from going to the extremes, but I hope if anyone has thought about doing so, and is reading this, that my blog has maybe persuaded you not to. ❤️

I would say I’ve had A LOT of experiences with dieting, and I would definitely promote a healthy diet such as SW or Calorie Counting, because it’s the safest, and most enjoyable way! 🙋🏻 

So Thankyou for being nosey and reading all about my life and the struggles.  I massively appreciate it! If you feel like you want to message me about ANYTHING mentioned in my blog, or even anything at all, PLEASE DO

Lots of love, love, LOVE 😘💖🍃 


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