Dieting + Baby = ðŸ’©

So I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank all you lovelies, who have tuned in to read my blog, it means so so much and I appreciate the support more than you’ll ever know! 

So, dieting with a baby. You’d think it wouldn’t be too much of a problem, but it really is. The main point to this blog is to emphasise that you mama’s out there, are not alone! 

Why is it so difficult do you ask? Well. YOU try eating your brekki in front of a 10 month old and you’ll see for yourself how well that goes down! 🙃

At first it wasn’t too hard, all babies do at first is eat, sleep, eat, sleep. It’s quite easy to squeeze your lunch in. Even a Slimming World lunch, which probably requires some prep and cooking time! 

BUT… when the cheeky monkeys start to grow and somehow receive the energy of a sportsman all day long, it gets slightly more complicated. 

Suddenly, what’s yours is theirs. They’re climbing up your leg; tugging away at your trousers. And the older they get, they learn how to throw a tantrum if you don’t respond to them! 

You cannot eat in front of a baby! Unless you give them a biscuit ofcourse… and yes, sometimes I do that, because it’s the only way I can eat in peace. Does that make me a bad mum? 

Some mums, including myself sometimes choose to wait until nap time to eat, and that in itself is difficult! Hunger can come and go by the time the child surrenders. 

Babies become more demanding as they grow, and they require LOTS of attention. Sometimes I don’t even get the chance to eat. Sometimes I do skip a meal completely! Although I don’t complain too much now because it’s a calorie saving bonus 😅 

You’re probably thinking ‘well, how does this affect your diet?’ 

I’ll tell you how. Being a mum is exhausting, don’t get me wrong it’s the BEST job in the world! But when you’ve been running around after a wreckless child for the best part of 16 hours, a salad isn’t always your first choice. 

I know I’d easily be able to neck atleast 4 bottles of wine a night if I could get away with it … I don’t know about you lot 🙄🍷 

But it’s EXTREMELY easy to make the excuse of ‘I deserve it’ or ‘it’s been a tough day’ in order to eat something naughty… and again don’t get me wrong, sometimes that is completely acceptable! but not constantly! Being a mum is a constant job; when is there a day that’s not going to be a tough day?! so the excuses CANT CONSTANTLY BE MADE. Or you won’t progress. It will NOT get you where you dream of being. 

And this is what I had to tell myself, nevermind anyone else! 

Although, when are we going to learn, that the feeling we have the morning after having a binge, should be enough to put us off doing it again? It’s like childbirth, you just seem to forget… Oh well 😂

Everyday, I now think of the reason I put down, as to why I joined Slimming World in the first place. For my son. 

I initially wanted to lose weight so that I wasn’t that fat mum running around the playground. I didn’t want to be the mum sat on the bench because I didn’t have the energy or Fitness to join in. 

So although my gorgeous baby boy may 

  1. Be the reason I became fat in the first place 😂
  2. Be the reason I want to eat 2374920037 chocolate biscuits a day

I have to also remember that he is the one miraculous reason why I NEED to lose weight. 

It’s so so tough being a mum with a young baby AND dieting. I get it, sometimes you can’t be arsed. Sometimes a takeaway would be much less hassle. But will it make you feel any better in the long run? No. 

So although it’s hard; when I’m running around that playground in a few months time, I know I will thank myself much more for sneaking off into the kitchen to munch on an apple, than I would from eating 6 whole Snickers Bars! 🍎 

Thanks for reading, you gorgeous souls 💖

Don’t be afraid to drop me a message, even if you simply just need a chat 😘🙋🏻❤️🍃



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