Nutri-bombz are DA BOMB 🙋🏻🔥😛🍃

So, nutri-bombz. Yet another purchase which we often see made by fellow slimmers. 

I don’t really think I can write a massive review on these, as I don’t think I can say that much! 

They. Are. Gorgeous. 

The lighter box, 36 CALS a ‘bomb’ – they’re so tasty 😋 and for that amount of calories, I know I personally didn’t expect much, but they are fantastic! 

I also purchased the normal box on Subscription which contains bombz of all different sorts of flavours and calories, BUT, I was surprised to see the calories are STILL quite low, ranging from 49 to 80. 

Some people have asked me if the coating of seeds are weird or if they’re an off put, but personally I really enjoy them! This is obviously what makes them more of a healthy choice so no, I don’t mind at all. 

And again some people who have purchased have said they don’t like the seed surroundings but not all the bombz have this. So I’m sure if you asked this lovely company to not give you those certain ones, they would probably replace them with an alternative flavour 👍🏻 

For me they’re so so tasty and flavoursome that one or two is enough. It sorts the chocolate or sweet craving you may have and the energy they give you is phenomenal. And with the small amount of calories/syns used, even BETTER! 🙋🏻

Some well known Insta slimmers will have fabulous codes which entitles you to a cheaper first box, so I’d get up on that if I were you. I find that, for what they can do for your cravings, £6 for 12 bombz is pretty fantastic. And that’s without a discount! 

I personally love them and if you’ve seen my reaction to them on my Insta stories, that should surely be enough to make you want to try them! 😂 

Thanks for reading my lovely friends and followers 😍 I’ll drop their link below 🙋🏻🍃 


Nutri-Bombz 🍫🍪 


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